The Canção Nova Community is an International Private Association of the faithful, of Pontifical Right, officially recognized on June 29, 2014. It is formed by men and women, young and adults, married, celibate, priests and deacons, who strive to live in a more radical way and in community, their consecration to God made in Baptism and Confirmation, in view of a common apostolate. This way of life is inspired by the practice of the evangelical counsels – poverty, obedience and chastity – adapted to secular life. The community was founded on February 2nd  1978, by the Salesian priest Fr. Jonas Abib, who at that time already held meetings and retreats for the youth, therefore Bishop Antônio Afonso de Miranda, then bishop of Lorena  (contryside of São Paulo,Brazil)  asked Father Jonas to concretize the teachings of the Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi, n. 44.

The Canção Nova Community was born in the Church and for the Church. From the beginning it was already evident that the constitution of the community would bring together several states of life in one and the same mission: to evangelize.

The challenge that gave birth to the community was a provocation made by Fr. Jonas to the group of young people with whom he had worked for some time. He asked them, “Who is willing to leave home, studies, work and family to live in community and carry out this kind of evangelization that I do with you?” A group of 12 people accepted the challenge and at that moment the first core team of the residential community was formed.

The charism of the Canção Nova Community is to enable people to experience Jesus in a personal way through the work of the Holy Spirit. Its purpose is to form new men for a new world through evangelization and to prepare the people who thirst for the glorious coming of the Lord. The Canção Nova Community also works in the areas of education, health, art, socio-cultural promotion and media aiming to concretely contribute to the transformation of social structures and the human person.

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